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I got help from this source it's legitimate.

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1I got help from this source it's legitimate. Empty I got help from this source it's legitimate. on Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:07 pm

I was going threw a divorce and my wife was always into spells and hung around people in the spell casting community a month after the divorce I got fired from my job. I didn't think much of this at the time but then two days later as I was looking for a new job my car ran hot I get home with help of a tow truck only to find that my identity was stolen and I had about 2,000.00 stolen. "Well thanks for that card mail man." I was convinced that my ex wife had something to do with it.I went to my local botanica shop and I asked the lady there if she knew of any one that could help me, she said yes and wrote this url ritualhealing/webs/com I email Jorger and I explained my situation he email back two days later. He then asked me accouple question and to go into further details. After about 6 emails I was convinced that this person could help me. The only draw back was it took acouple days for him to get back to me. Well I haven't had any bad luck and my ex wife asked me to go to lunch with her to amend things.I would use him again in a heart beat!This is was my experience and overall a good one!

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